Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Sound Engineer's Apprentice - Week 5

This was a crazy day!
People were calling all the time and we were mostly driving around 'from here to there, and then there to that place but wait, we should probably go there first so let's go back and then we go to that place' etc

Was a small gig at the Clarion Hotel. Was just a small PA that we used but the band was great.

Today was also a small gig but at the Scandic Hotel. We used the same PA as yesterday but we also had some lights, not much though. The bands were pretty nice but the acoustics of the room wasn't too great.
When we were done with de-rigging, around 00:00 we went to the Conventum Arena to help de-rig after a pretty big party. Weren't done until 6 am...
I fell asleep in my bathrobe on the couch about two hours later  \m/,

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