Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Sound Engineer's Apprentice - Week 1

Didn't do that much this day. Mostly followed around to see what and how he was doing things. Helped to solder some XLR-cables etc.

Driving around doing some business before heading back to the firm. Spent most of the day grinding off rust of a dolly.

A very "lazy" day. Visited another sound engineer and spent most of the day drinking coffee and talking. When we returned to the firm we finished grinding off rust and then started painting the dolly black.

Didn't start until 16 o'clock today. Prepared a small scene for the after party gig on Saturday. Put together light & sound equipment and making sure everything was in order before leaving.

The day of the gig and we didn't start until around 16 o'clock today either. Just finish things up before the band showed up and it was time for sound check. We were done by around 19:30 and after that we had a break until 22 when it was time for the after party. They had their own sound engineer so it wasn't much for us to do except be there if anything would happen.
Around 23 o'clock it was time for us to start tear the scene and all the equipment down.
We were done around 3 am so it took us about 3 h (changed to summer time).

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