Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Artist of the Month

It was a while since I listened to The White Stripes, but these last weeks they've been stuck in my head. Specially the songs "Jolene" and "Walking with a Ghost".

I'm a little fascinated over how so few can sound so big.
I mean, they don't even have a backing track, it's just drums, a guitar and vocal.
And Jack has a really awesome voice  \m/,
"Walking With A Ghost"

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

B.G - John Fahey

One of the absolute best finger style guitarists I've ever heard.
He was also the man who pioneered the steel-string acoustic guitar as a solo instrument and he incorporated classical, Portuguese, Brazilian, Indian, American folk & blues into his music.
He died due to complications from heart surgery, only six days before his 62nd birthday.

His finger style will stay etched into my head
R.I.P John Fahey

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Song of the Week 3

I feel kind of tired so this time I've chosen Drive By by Train.
I really love the melody of the lyrics together with the clean back beat guitar and strong bass drum.
It just makes me wanna play music and nothing more.

B.G - George Harrison

George Harrison, a man who played the lead guitar in one of history's most successful acts in popular music.
Yes, I am talking about The Beatles.
Harrison really loved the guitar and explored a lot of its relatives, for example; the twelve-string, the sitar & the slide guitar.
He died in lung cancer, 58 years old.

We will always remember his achievements
R.I.P George Harrison  \m/,

Friday, February 24, 2012

B.G - Jim Howler

A man known only by a few.
With his simple yet twisted kind of guitar play he catches the ears of at least his family...
and maybe one or two friends...

Happy birthday Jim \m/,

Sorry, don't have a website yet.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

B.G - Johnny Winter

A really cool blues player who is, since 1988, part of the Blues Foundation Hall of Fame. 
He have also produced three Grammy Award-winning albums with Muddy Waters.

Happy birthday Johnny Winter!

Feel free to visit his website!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Supreme Failure

The microphone I bought the other day didn't work so I had to go back to the store where I got it so I could get a new one.
The problem though, is that the company who made the mic doesn't make it anymore & therefore I had to leave it there for them to either get a new one from one of their other stores in the country or send it to someone who can fix it.
Don't know when I'll get it back but hope soon so I can start recording.

Or back to the karaoke stand for now...

B.G - Kurt Cobain

An awesome man everyone should know about.
With a distinctive voice and great guitar playing he has become one of the biggest icons in alternative rock music. Best known as the singer & guitarist in the grunge band Nirvana.
He died only 27 years old.

So this is a day to celebrate Cobain's birth and all that he achieved during his life.
He will always live on inside of us,
as a legend
R.I.P Kurt Cobain  \m/,

Sunday, February 19, 2012

B.G - Tony Iommi

B.G or Birthday Guitarist is a post I'll write when there's a great guitar player's birthday. 
I definitely don't know of every one of them out there but I do know a few.

Today is the birthday of Tony Iommi, a guitar player who's played with one of the first heavy metal bands; Black Sabbath.

Happy birthday Tony Iommi  \m/,

Don't be afraid to visit his website!

Song of the Week 2

This time I've chosen a cover as "Song of the Week".

Party Rock Anthem by Jake Bruene, Lindsey Stirling & Frank Sacramone;
I don't really know why but I kind of like his voice and also; 
who doesn't like Lindsey's violin play.

But I can't say I don't like the original song by LMFAO too;

Saturday, February 18, 2012


I have today added a microphone to my collection of instruments and studio equipment.
It's a;
Supreme TU-97 Studio Tube Microphone
Can't really say how good it is yet but with all its controls you can use it to record a lot of instruments etc
That's why I chose it.

Finally I can stop using the "United" karaoke mic

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

In the night

I have decided to blow off sleep tonight and instead try and finish "The Hunt", a pretty short song highly influenced by classical music. Wrote most of it over a year ago but thought I would add more instruments etc and then record it and maybe (just maybe) I'll upload it tomorrow.
I'll let the night decide!
When I've completed that I'll probably let my fingers fly around on the almighty fret board in a blues jam.
Was a while since I played blues so I think it's about time.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Howler's lair

I thought I'd give you a tour on the present crib.

The first view!
Ain't it great....

The very small yet very useful room.

Compared to my last kitchen (~5 m2) I do have some space now.

I finally have my own bathtub!

The most important room where a lot happens... (zzzZZzzZ!)

Living room / work place!
(The couch is missing, though...)

The corner of passion and love \m/,

And we're back at the entrance!

Song of the Week

I've decided to start with a weekly post. Every week I'll post one song that's been bugging me, that I like or that I've played a lot on the guitar for the last week and I might even write something about it.

The tune I've chosen for the first "Song of the Week" is Christine by Sugarcult.

With a simple yet powerful rhythm section and a little dark/sad melody. 
The reggae guitar and the little twisted bass line makes the song get right into my head.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Dead man walking!

Too bad for you!

I've been a little occupied with... well, lots of stuff. A wedding, an apartment change, Christmas & New year etc.
You know, the usual...
And lately I've also been thinking of reapplying to TMS (Tech Music School), but can't really decide if I want that right now or if I should wait till next year...

So my mind has been a little like Flubber on steroids these past months and therefore, as you've noticed, I've been "off the grid".
But I'll be back soon, so don't worry about it.