Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Sound Engineer's Apprentice - Last Week

Spent de-rigging after a Sony Ericsson company event (50 year birthday, if I remember correctly). A stressful day and a lot of driving around.

Started off the day with hanging up some light at a theater and then moved to Scandic hotel to rig up equipment for a small show (just acoustic guitars and vocal with some light, not much) with Tom Russel headlining.
During my 3 h break I went home to get something to eat, play the guitar and then get back to the hotel to de-rig.
Some music by Mr Tom Russell!

Started, around 4 pm, with rigging up the same equipment as on Wednesday at the same place (Scandic hotel) before sound check. The performer for the evening was Eilen Jewell.
After that we went to the firm to pack some of the new lights they had ordered and take them to a small disco room where it was going to be a... well, a disco...
To finish the work day off, we went back to Scandic to de-rig the equipment and pack it up.

Some honky tonk for ya'll!

And so ends my internship at MusicMusic in Örebro, Sweden. I'd say, my first real work experience.
Though, I might get some extra job from them from time to time if I'm needed, hopefully  \m/,

Friday, May 18, 2012

A Week Of Nothing

Well, this is how it looks in my lair after a week of doing... well, nothing.
I LOVE to eat and HATE to clean  \m/,

Thursday, May 17, 2012

After Work

After getting home from 'work' and with a headache pumping I do what always calms my mind and eases the pain; 
take a smoke and listen to some of Slash's great sound  \m/,
 Pain is just... washed away!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Sad & Painful

This song is so good that I want to listen to it over and over, but it only brings forth sad & painful feelings...

Monday, May 7, 2012

Throw It 'Into The Pit'

Except for a little walk with some family members, I've spent the day testing guitar cables (and come to the conclusion that it's my Telecaster which is failing) and playing guitar, mostly "Into The Pit" by Testament  \m/,

Now it's time to make ready for bed 'cause tomorrow I have to wake up at 6:30...

Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Sound Engineer's Apprentice - Week 7

The first of May and time for the bonfire.
We rigged and de-rigged sound- (& some light-) equipment at the Pennybridge Castle for the show. All-&-all we worked about 8-10 h for a 1,5 h show... Well, that's how it is.

Unload the trucks from first of May and clean up at the firm.

Went to Uppsala to check up on some equipment for the Armed Forces. Test the PA amplifiers and make sure they had everything they were supposed to since they need the equipment for Saturday. However, the mix table was still in repair so they'll need to borrow another for their next performance.
To be honest, it was a little interesting to work at a military base  \m/,

Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Sound Engineer's Apprentice - Week 6

A very easy day. Fixed a couple of PA amplifiers... and that's about it...

I really must make an impact on people 'cause today I was forgotten...
I always wanted the be the cool silent type but come on...
"Lucky" enough I didn't feel too well so I was allowed to go home for the day.

Load the trucks for the bonfire the day after, was this days project. Nothing more.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Devilicious Turn On

This video have everything;
Great music, an awesome car and devilicious women

It definitely turns me on  

Thursday, April 26, 2012

This Little Song

This day spent, rec and mix a song
Compared to what I'm used to
it took fucking long

For future occupation I made
this little song
It's totally handmade


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Sound Engineer's Apprentice - Week 5

This was a crazy day!
People were calling all the time and we were mostly driving around 'from here to there, and then there to that place but wait, we should probably go there first so let's go back and then we go to that place' etc

Was a small gig at the Clarion Hotel. Was just a small PA that we used but the band was great.

Today was also a small gig but at the Scandic Hotel. We used the same PA as yesterday but we also had some lights, not much though. The bands were pretty nice but the acoustics of the room wasn't too great.
When we were done with de-rigging, around 00:00 we went to the Conventum Arena to help de-rig after a pretty big party. Weren't done until 6 am...
I fell asleep in my bathrobe on the couch about two hours later  \m/,

Fixing Headphones

After months of using headphones that crackle I decided it was time to fix them.
Didn't take long at all to remove the three screws holding it together and it did definitely take even shorter amount of time to find the problem; Just a jammed cable...
Have no idea how that happened but now it works great and without problems.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Finally, Right!?

Today's been a pretty good day.
For once I actually recorded something I created. Well, it's a crap rec, just so I remember how the song should go but it's a start. I sat down with the guitar when I got home at around 8 pm and the time now is 11.
Don't have a name yet and no lyrics, the drums is in my head.
I would say it's a punk/rock song with a Howler-twist to it  \m/,
Maybe I let you hear a sample of it when I'm ready.

Monday, April 16, 2012

The Sound Engineer's Apprentice - Week 4

I didn't do that much. Started rather late this day so just spent about 4 h at the firm grinding off rust of yet another dolly.

Spent the day at Club 700 rigging for the In Flames concert. Mostly lights and some PA speakers.

The day of the concert. Started working at 9:30 am and didn't finish until 2 am, although between 2-9:30 pm it was really slow and we didn't have much to do.
The show was great and I really liked how after when Anders told the people to crowd surf, fuckin' everyone started to do it. Awesome!


Saturday, April 14, 2012

B.G - Ritchie Blackmore

As a member of the well known Deep Purple and the man responsible for the most played rock riff in history; Smoke on the Water.
He's also played in Rainbow and later Blackmore's Night.

Happy birthday Ritchie Blackmore  \m/,
Some nice soloing!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Father of Loud is gone!

After 50 years in the business and 88 years old, the creator of the Marshall amplifier Jim Marshall died in cancer yesterday!
Since I first started with music the one amp I always wanted to have is a Marshall amp and now I get to know that the one who invented it has passed away...
It is a sad day which cannot be described in words.

All I can do right now is to thank for what you have given the world and me, you are a legend.

"While the entire Marshall Amplification family mourns Jim's passing and will miss him tremendously, we all feel richer for having known him and are happy in the knowledge that he is now in a much better place which has just got a whole lot louder!" -

James Charles Marshall 
"Father of Loud"

The Sound Engineer's Apprentice - Week 2 & 3

Not much happened during week two. Was only with him during Friday when there was this small music competition for 13-19 year old kids we were sound engineer's for.
Didn't have to build a stage or anything, just some A/V rigging and fixing the drums/amps etc.

During the week after I only worked for two days.

Some A/V rigging for Takida's concert the day after.
The first bigger show I've helped out with as an intern so it was a little interesting.
Fixing the side clusters

Clean it up before the band arrived and if they needed it, help the roadies.
It was a long day and we "worked" 12 pm to 1:30 am (except for a long break between 4-10 pm...), starting to de-rigg at around 10-10:30.

The band was awesome and Robert's singing was definitely as great as on the recordings \m/,


B.G - Warren Haynes

A rock and blues guitarist, singer & songwriter who is most known for his work as a guitar player with The Allman Brothers Band and a founding member of the band Gov't Mule.
His music is very easy yet interesting to listen to and so is his guitar play.
Haynes is the also the founder and manager of Evil Teen Records.

Happy birthday Warren Haynes!
Really nice solo!
So easy on the ears. Great song!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

B.G - Gary Moore

Everyone must at least have heard the name Gary Moore once in their life. This man really got talent.
I think he's most known for his song "Over the Hills and Far Away" though "Still Got The Blues" is also very known.
He died in a heart attack in his sleep last year, 58 years old.

Gary Moore is nothing less than a legend!
"Over The Hills And Far Away"
"Still Got The Blues"
R.I.P Gary Moore  \m/,

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Song of the Week 7

Lips Of An Angel by Hinder really brings me back to the years of junior high,
the best years of my life...

Nostalgia is what this is!

Saturday, March 31, 2012

B.G - Angus Young

A man known mostly for his schoolboy uniform and energetic performances.
He's the co-founder of the band AC/DC.

Happy birthday Angus Young  \m/,
What can you say, just fuckin' awesome!

Friday, March 30, 2012

B.G - Eric Clapton

Who doesn't know about this man...
He's one hell of a guitar player & singer/songwriter and he is the only person who's been inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame THREE times.

Happy birthday Eric Clapton!
"Layla" is one of his best songs, in my opinion.
And I really like the riff!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Artist of the Month 2

They only get fewer & fewer.

As a one man band, Nomy has released 4 albums, never played live and still become so big.
He should be an inspiration to all solo artists out there... He certainly is to me  \m/,

"Bring Your Guns"
"If You Can Hear This"

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Sound Engineer's Apprentice - Week 1

Didn't do that much this day. Mostly followed around to see what and how he was doing things. Helped to solder some XLR-cables etc.

Driving around doing some business before heading back to the firm. Spent most of the day grinding off rust of a dolly.

A very "lazy" day. Visited another sound engineer and spent most of the day drinking coffee and talking. When we returned to the firm we finished grinding off rust and then started painting the dolly black.

Didn't start until 16 o'clock today. Prepared a small scene for the after party gig on Saturday. Put together light & sound equipment and making sure everything was in order before leaving.

The day of the gig and we didn't start until around 16 o'clock today either. Just finish things up before the band showed up and it was time for sound check. We were done by around 19:30 and after that we had a break until 22 when it was time for the after party. They had their own sound engineer so it wasn't much for us to do except be there if anything would happen.
Around 23 o'clock it was time for us to start tear the scene and all the equipment down.
We were done around 3 am so it took us about 3 h (changed to summer time).

Monday, March 19, 2012

Supreme Change

Well, after almost a month I went down to the shop and asked what's happening with my mic and the answer I got was; it can't be fixed and we can't find a replacement.
Bummer, right?
But instead they gave me a little more expensive mic as compensation for the trouble.

Don't know which one is better since I never got the chance to try out the TU-97 but I got this ADK Generis GT-2 (almost $600 new in Sweden) for the price of $235 (the price I bought the TU-97 for) so I can't really complain.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

B.G - Marnie Stern

She plays a really different kind of music which I think sounds interesting.
But she is most known for her guitar tapping skill and I myself would like to call her a tapping queen.

Happy birthday Marnie Stern!
I really like the intro in this song

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Song of the Week 6

To Be Loved by Papa Roach. One of their best songs according to me.

Kicking as through the whole fucking song  \m/,

Monday, March 12, 2012

Song of the Week 5

Almost forgot it this week... and it's NOT GOOD TO FORGET!
But here it is;
Knives and Pens by Black Veil Brides  \m/,

I know, it's the first heavier tune for Song of the Week 
and I humbly apologies for that.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Song of the Week 4

This week's tune is a song by the rap group Hollywood Undead.

They've made a lot of great songs but I must say that Everywhere I Go is definitely one of my favorites.
I specially like the melody of the intro and chorus. 

Friday, March 2, 2012

Jon Bon Jovi - 50

I've just found out that today is Jon Bon Jovi's 50th birthday!
Ain't that something.
And it's Friday, a perfect day for celebrating so raise your drinks for this great man, Jon Bon Jovi!

Happy birthday, man  \m/,

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Artist of the Month

It was a while since I listened to The White Stripes, but these last weeks they've been stuck in my head. Specially the songs "Jolene" and "Walking with a Ghost".

I'm a little fascinated over how so few can sound so big.
I mean, they don't even have a backing track, it's just drums, a guitar and vocal.
And Jack has a really awesome voice  \m/,
"Walking With A Ghost"

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

B.G - John Fahey

One of the absolute best finger style guitarists I've ever heard.
He was also the man who pioneered the steel-string acoustic guitar as a solo instrument and he incorporated classical, Portuguese, Brazilian, Indian, American folk & blues into his music.
He died due to complications from heart surgery, only six days before his 62nd birthday.

His finger style will stay etched into my head
R.I.P John Fahey

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Song of the Week 3

I feel kind of tired so this time I've chosen Drive By by Train.
I really love the melody of the lyrics together with the clean back beat guitar and strong bass drum.
It just makes me wanna play music and nothing more.

B.G - George Harrison

George Harrison, a man who played the lead guitar in one of history's most successful acts in popular music.
Yes, I am talking about The Beatles.
Harrison really loved the guitar and explored a lot of its relatives, for example; the twelve-string, the sitar & the slide guitar.
He died in lung cancer, 58 years old.

We will always remember his achievements
R.I.P George Harrison  \m/,

Friday, February 24, 2012

B.G - Jim Howler

A man known only by a few.
With his simple yet twisted kind of guitar play he catches the ears of at least his family...
and maybe one or two friends...

Happy birthday Jim \m/,

Sorry, don't have a website yet.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

B.G - Johnny Winter

A really cool blues player who is, since 1988, part of the Blues Foundation Hall of Fame. 
He have also produced three Grammy Award-winning albums with Muddy Waters.

Happy birthday Johnny Winter!

Feel free to visit his website!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Supreme Failure

The microphone I bought the other day didn't work so I had to go back to the store where I got it so I could get a new one.
The problem though, is that the company who made the mic doesn't make it anymore & therefore I had to leave it there for them to either get a new one from one of their other stores in the country or send it to someone who can fix it.
Don't know when I'll get it back but hope soon so I can start recording.

Or back to the karaoke stand for now...

B.G - Kurt Cobain

An awesome man everyone should know about.
With a distinctive voice and great guitar playing he has become one of the biggest icons in alternative rock music. Best known as the singer & guitarist in the grunge band Nirvana.
He died only 27 years old.

So this is a day to celebrate Cobain's birth and all that he achieved during his life.
He will always live on inside of us,
as a legend
R.I.P Kurt Cobain  \m/,

Sunday, February 19, 2012

B.G - Tony Iommi

B.G or Birthday Guitarist is a post I'll write when there's a great guitar player's birthday. 
I definitely don't know of every one of them out there but I do know a few.

Today is the birthday of Tony Iommi, a guitar player who's played with one of the first heavy metal bands; Black Sabbath.

Happy birthday Tony Iommi  \m/,

Don't be afraid to visit his website!

Song of the Week 2

This time I've chosen a cover as "Song of the Week".

Party Rock Anthem by Jake Bruene, Lindsey Stirling & Frank Sacramone;
I don't really know why but I kind of like his voice and also; 
who doesn't like Lindsey's violin play.

But I can't say I don't like the original song by LMFAO too;

Saturday, February 18, 2012


I have today added a microphone to my collection of instruments and studio equipment.
It's a;
Supreme TU-97 Studio Tube Microphone
Can't really say how good it is yet but with all its controls you can use it to record a lot of instruments etc
That's why I chose it.

Finally I can stop using the "United" karaoke mic

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

In the night

I have decided to blow off sleep tonight and instead try and finish "The Hunt", a pretty short song highly influenced by classical music. Wrote most of it over a year ago but thought I would add more instruments etc and then record it and maybe (just maybe) I'll upload it tomorrow.
I'll let the night decide!
When I've completed that I'll probably let my fingers fly around on the almighty fret board in a blues jam.
Was a while since I played blues so I think it's about time.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Howler's lair

I thought I'd give you a tour on the present crib.

The first view!
Ain't it great....

The very small yet very useful room.

Compared to my last kitchen (~5 m2) I do have some space now.

I finally have my own bathtub!

The most important room where a lot happens... (zzzZZzzZ!)

Living room / work place!
(The couch is missing, though...)

The corner of passion and love \m/,

And we're back at the entrance!

Song of the Week

I've decided to start with a weekly post. Every week I'll post one song that's been bugging me, that I like or that I've played a lot on the guitar for the last week and I might even write something about it.

The tune I've chosen for the first "Song of the Week" is Christine by Sugarcult.

With a simple yet powerful rhythm section and a little dark/sad melody. 
The reggae guitar and the little twisted bass line makes the song get right into my head.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Dead man walking!

Too bad for you!

I've been a little occupied with... well, lots of stuff. A wedding, an apartment change, Christmas & New year etc.
You know, the usual...
And lately I've also been thinking of reapplying to TMS (Tech Music School), but can't really decide if I want that right now or if I should wait till next year...

So my mind has been a little like Flubber on steroids these past months and therefore, as you've noticed, I've been "off the grid".
But I'll be back soon, so don't worry about it.