Thursday, September 15, 2011


Well, I suppose I should start with an introduction.

My name is Jimmy and I was born in Örebro, Sweden, 24th of February, 1990.
I've been playing music since late 2002 when I started taking guitar lessons, but I didn't get my own guitar until my fifteenth birthday when my dad took me to Mabass in Karlskoga where he bought me a J&D Telecaster and a VOX Pathfinder. 
It was after this that I started playing in bands and I have now been playing all kinds of styles, all from synthpop to punk to power metal to funk and some jazz. And since I have studied sound engineering, music production, music management and music theory at the university I know alot surrounding the music business... in theory, that is. Haven't really taken the step into the business yet.
But that's what JaiL Project is about.
And this blog will work as my journal where I will write about my songwriting, guitar playing and my daily life around music.

So if this sounds interesting, keep your eyes open for the next post.

Rock On  \m/,

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