Friday, September 16, 2011

Gear up!

As my first "official" post I thought I would go though the gear I use as well as the rec set up.

I mentioned in my "Intro" about my first guitar and amp; J&D Telecaster and the VOX Pathfinder which I got as a birthday present from my father in 2005.

It's not the greatest guitar but it's special to me since it's because of that guitar that I started to commit myself to music.
I remember the first time I tried to swing it around my neck... well, it's the only time... and it didn't go so well...
The guitar came loose from the strap and flew about 7 feet before landing on a cement floor. (I know, a basement practice room isn't the best place to try guitar stunts...)
Luckily the Telecaster is a sturdy guitar and the only thing that broke was a screw holding the control plate in place.
Believe me, until I buy real strap locks I won't be doing that again.

The Pathfinder is 10W, not that strong but definitely enough for a one room apartment. It works perfect with the Tele but it's not the best amp for LTD:s and metal/alternative sounds so I'm trying to save some money to buy a new one.
Thinking of a Marshall or Orange. Any ideas or comments?

The Epiphone Les Paul, I bought from an old neighbour in 2010. I had to fix the input as well as change the rythm/lead switch but otherwise it was working fine.
I thought about trading it for another guitar half a year ago but found out that it's value had lowered tremendously so I kept it, which I'm glad I did.

Then I got the LTD M-300FM which I bought right after I decided to keep the LP, so I haven't had it for long. I'm still playing around with the whammy bar and stuff, doing crazy pitchy sounds, making the neighbours go crazy...
This is more of a solo guitar with only EMG 81 humbucker pickups (compared to the MH350 which got an EMG 85, a pickup that works great for rythm sections).

The effect pedals I use are a Behringer Reverb Machine which isn't the best reverb you can get but it's working, a Digitech Hot Rod Rock Distortion which I got together with the LP. I also recently bought a Marshall Guv'nor Plus which is, in my opinion, the better half of my distortion set. The Digitech has more of a crunchy metal dist which isn't working to well with the amp, while the Marshall has more of the old school rock dist.
For last I got a VOX wah-wah which I still can't use to well...

I also got a violin which I'm thinking of using in some of my songs.
Still a beginner but it's more fun to learn as you go, right.

For my recording equipment I use the M-box 2 Mini together with a pair of Supreme CD-90 headphones and for piano/synth-recordings I use the M-Audio Keyrig 49 (which doesn't really belong to me but my brother).
I'm thinking of buying a Shure Sm57 and maybe a condenser mic so I can start recording a little more professional but that will have to wait for now.
Software I've used is Logic Pro, Cubase, Pro Tools and some free programs like MuLab and Audacity etc but Pro Tools is my favorite so far, though I am a little interested in Reaper so maybe I'll try that in the future.
Except for this I got some stuff at my childhood home, that I couldn't fit into my little one room home. I will have to do without it until I find a bigger apartment.

It's not that much but it's enough to get me pretty far, don't you think...

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